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, 19 (5), 204-10

[Correlation Between Pulmonary Function, Posture, and Body Composition in Patients With Asthma]

[Article in Portuguese]

[Correlation Between Pulmonary Function, Posture, and Body Composition in Patients With Asthma]

[Article in Portuguese]
V P Almeida et al. Rev Port Pneumol.


Aim: Asthma may result in postural disorders due to increased activity of accessory respiratory muscles and hyperinflation. Our primary objective was to assess the correlation between pulmonary function and posture in adult patients with asthma. Secondarily, we aimed to study the correlation between body composition and body posture in this group of patients.

Method: This was a cross-sectional study including 34 patients with asthma who were subjected to postural assessment (photogrammetry), pulmonary function testing (spirometry, whole-body plethysmography, diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide, and respiratory muscle strength), and body composition estimation by means of bioelectrical impedance.

Results: Most patients were female (70.6%) with a median age of 32.5 years (range: 23-42 years old). We found a significant correlation between horizontal alignment of head (anterior view) and the ratio of forced expiratory volume in 1 second to forced vital capacity (FEV1/FVC; ρ=-0,37; P=.03), total lung capacity (TLC; ρ=0,42; P=.01), and residual volume (RV; ρ=0,45; P<.001). Bronchial obstruction and respiratory muscle strength variables also correlated with postural assessment measures on the right and left lateral views. Both body mass index and the percentage of fat mass correlated with horizontal alignment of head, horizontal alignment of the pelvis, and the frontal angle of the lower limbs.

Conclusion: Adult patients with asthma exhibit specific postural disorders that correlate with pulmonary function and body composition. The assessment of postural variables may provide a better pulmonary rehabilitation approach for these patients.

Keywords: Asma; Asthma; Body composition; Capacidade de difusão pulmonar; Composição corporal; Mecânica respiratória; Músculos respiratórios; Postura; Posture; Pulmonary diffusing capacity; Respiratory function tests; Respiratory mechanics; Respiratory muscles; Testes de função respiratória.

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