A study on risk factors of breast cancer among patients attending the tertiary care hospital, in udupi district

Indian J Community Med. 2013 Apr;38(2):95-9. doi: 10.4103/0970-0218.112440.


Background: Cancer has become one of the ten leading causes of death in India. Breast cancer is the most common diagnosed malignancy in India, it ranks second to cervical cancer. An increasing trend in incidence is reported from various registries of national cancer registry project and now India is a country with largest estimated number of breast cancer deaths worldwide.

Aim: To study the factors associated with breast cancer.

Objectives: To study the association between breast cancer and selected exposure variables and to identify risk factors for breast cancer.

Materials and methods: A hospital based Case control study was conducted at Shirdi Sai Baba Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Manipal, Udupi District.

Results: Total 188 participants were included in the study, 94 cases and 94 controls. All the study participants were between 25 to 69 years of age group. The cases and controls were matched by ± 2 years age range. Non vegetarian diet was one of the important risk factors (OR 2.80, CI 1.15-6.81). More than 7 to 12 years of education (OR 4.84 CI 1.51-15.46) had 4.84 times risk of breast cancer as compared with illiterate women.

Conclusion: The study suggests that non vegetarian diet is the important risk factor for Breast Cancer and the risk of Breast Cancer is more in educated women as compared with the illiterate women.

Limitation: This is a Hospital based study so generalisability of the findings could be limited.

Keywords: Breast cancer; abortion; diet; menarche; risk factors.