[Author and time of writing of Shanghanlun Jujie]

Zhonghua Yi Shi Za Zhi. 2013 Jan;43(1):48-9.
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Li Wenjin (courtesy name of Xiangyi, the styled names as Zhian and Shujingtang Zhuren), lived in Xu Village, south of Tianyin Mountain, Jinling. He was born on the 47(th) year of the Kangxi Period (1708) and died approximately at the end of the Qianlong Period. Bold and generous, he liked making friends and practising medicine, divination, astrology, and also writing poetry and painting. Later he devoted himself to medicine and wrote Shanghanlun Jujie and Yijia 24 ze. Shanghanlun Jujie included Shanghanzabinglun Shujingtangqinjie (14 volumes) and Siwenji (7 volumes). The former one was written in 1768 and was his annotation of Shanghanlun. Siwenji included Shujingtang Gaidingzhushi Hanrewenpingyaoxingfu (4 volumes), Shujingtang Shenyizazhu (1 volume), Yiyao Zhenyan (1 volume) and Shujingtang Yiyaojian (1 volume) and was finished in 1765.

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