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, 117 (7-8), 479-511

Phylogenetic Overview of the Boletineae


Phylogenetic Overview of the Boletineae

Mitchell E Nuhn et al. Fungal Biol.


The generic and sub-generic relationships in the Boletineae (Boletales) were studied using nuclear large subunit (nuc-lsu), translation elongation factor 1-alpha (tef1), and DNA directed RNA polymerase largest subunit (RPB1). The Boletineae, with the exclusion of Hydnomerulius pinastri, was strongly supported and the status of the families Boletaceae and Paxillaceae is discussed. Members of the genus Boletus are found throughout the phylogeny, with the majority not closely related to the type species, Boletus edulis. Many of the traditional, morphologically defined genera are not supported as monophyletic and additional sampling and taxonomic revisions are needed. The majority of the Boletineae are confirmed or putatively ectomycorrhizal (ECM), but two putatively mycoparasitic lineages (one lineage of Buchwaldoboletus lignicola and Chalciporus piperatus and the second Pseudoboletus parasiticus) are strongly supported.

Keywords: Boletaceae; Ecology; Paxillaceae; Systematics; Taxonomic review.

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