Pleiotropic effects of antiarrhythmic agents: dronedarone in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Clin Med Insights Cardiol. 2013 Aug 11:7:127-40. doi: 10.4137/CMC.S8445. eCollection 2013.


Atrial fibrillation remains the most common arrhythmia in clinical practice. Dronedarone is an antiarrhythmic drug for the maintenance of sinus rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation. Dronedarone is an amiodarone derivative developed to reduce the number of extracardiovascular side effects. Dronedarone has undergone extensive experimental and clinical testing during the last decade. On the aggregate, these studies have highlighted a complex set of pleiotropic actions that may contribute to dronedarone's antiarrhythmic effects. In this review, we summarize the clinical studies that have evaluated dronedarone and provide an overview of dronedarone's electrophysiological and nonelectrophysiological pleiotropic actions.

Keywords: antiarrhythmic drugs; atrial fibrillation; dronedarone; pleiotropic effects.