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, 26 (2), 51-4

The Sexual Attraction Toward Disabilities: A Preliminary Internet-Based Study


The Sexual Attraction Toward Disabilities: A Preliminary Internet-Based Study

E Limoncin et al. Int J Impot Res.


Devotism, defined as sexual attraction toward disabilities, has not undergone extensive study. To verify whether devotees have characteristics suggestive of a paraphilic behavior, an ad hoc internet questionnaire was developed to study a population of 209 subjects enrolled from online devotee communities. With respect to the sexual preference, we observe a first population comprising subjects sexually attracted by disability per se and considers it as an erotic object. In the absence of disability, this group is also unable to become sexually aroused and experiences discomfort due to their condition. The second subpopulation comprises subjects attracted by specific characteristics of people with disabilities such as adaptability, fortitude, courage and ability to overcome obstacles. This group experiences low levels of discomfort for their sexual preference. Further studies will be necessary to confirm these data.

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