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, 97 (6), 1181-200

Patients Requiring Perioperative Nutritional Support


Patients Requiring Perioperative Nutritional Support

T Miko Enomoto et al. Med Clin North Am.


One of the most important factors affecting outcome and recovery from surgical trauma is preoperative nutritional status. Research in perioperative nutritional support has suffered from a lack of consensus as to the definition of malnutrition, no recognition of which nutrients are important to surgical healing, and a paucity of well-designed studies. In the past decade, there has been some activity to address this situation, recognizing the importance of nutrition as a therapy before surgery, after surgery, and possibly even during surgery.

Keywords: Arginine; Immune-modulating nutrition; Malnutrition classifications; Omega-3 fatty acids; Perioperative nutrition; Preoperative carbohydrate loading.

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