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, 343 (6166), 51-4

The First Pulse of the Extremely Bright GRB 130427A: A Test Lab for Synchrotron Shocks

R Preece  1 J Michael BurgessA von KienlinP N BhatM S BriggsD ByrneV ChaplinW ClevelandA C CollazziV ConnaughtonA DiekmannG FitzpatrickS FoleyM GibbyM GilesA GoldsteinJ GreinerD GruberP JenkeR M KippenC KouveliotouS McBreenC MeeganW S PaciesasV PelassaD TierneyA J van der HorstC Wilson-HodgeS XiongG YounesH-F YuM AckermannM AjelloM AxelssonL BaldiniG BarbielliniM G BaringD BastieriR BellazziniE BissaldiE BonamenteJ BregeonM BrigidaP BruelR BuehlerS BusonG A CaliandroR A CameronP A CaraveoC CecchiE CharlesA ChekhtmanJ ChiangG ChiaroS CipriniR ClausJ Cohen-TanugiL R CominskyJ ConradF D'AmmandoA de AngelisF de PalmaC D DermerR DesianteS W DigelL Di VenereP S DrellA Drlica-WagnerC FavuzziA FranckowiakY FukazawaP FuscoF GarganoN GehrelsS GermaniN GigliettoF GiordanoM GirolettiG GodfreyJ GranotI A GrenierS GuiriecD HadaschY HanabataA K HardingM HayashidaS IyyaniT JoglerG JóhannessonT KawanoJ KnödlsederD KocevskiM KussJ LandeJ LarssonS LarssonL LatronicoF LongoF LoparcoM N LovelletteP LubranoM MayerM N MazziottaP F MichelsonT MizunoM E MonzaniE MorettiA MorselliS MurgiaR NemmenE NussT NymarkM OhnoT OhsugiA OkumuraN OmodeiM OrientiD PanequeJ S PerkinsM Pesce-RollinsF PironG PivatoT A PorterJ L RacusinS RainòR RandoM RazzanoS RazzaqueA ReimerO ReimerS RitzM RothF RydeA SartoriJ D ScargleA SchulzC SgròE J SiskindG SpandreP SpinelliD J SusonH TajimaH TakahashiJ G ThayerJ B ThayerL TibaldoM TinivellaD F TorresG TostiE TrojaT L UsherJ VandenbrouckeV VasileiouG VianelloV VitaleM WernerB L WinerK S WoodS Zhu

The First Pulse of the Extremely Bright GRB 130427A: A Test Lab for Synchrotron Shocks

R Preece et al. Science.


Gamma-ray burst (GRB) 130427A is one of the most energetic GRBs ever observed. The initial pulse up to 2.5 seconds is possibly the brightest well-isolated pulse observed to date. A fine time resolution spectral analysis shows power-law decays of the peak energy from the onset of the pulse, consistent with models of internal synchrotron shock pulses. However, a strongly correlated power-law behavior is observed between the luminosity and the spectral peak energy that is inconsistent with curvature effects arising in the relativistic outflow. It is difficult for any of the existing models to account for all of the observed spectral and temporal behaviors simultaneously.

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