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, 46 (3), 379-92

Inhibition of Photosystem 2 Primary Photochemistry by Photogenerated Protons


Inhibition of Photosystem 2 Primary Photochemistry by Photogenerated Protons

G Finazzi et al. Photosynth Res.


Photosystem 2 photochemical efficiency, measured as the rate of Qa reduction, was observed to be inhibited by preillumination with single turnover flashes, whilst Fo and Fm were not affected. Such inhibition was reversed by the uncoupler nigericin or by incubating the thylakoids in the dark for ca. 2 min after the preillumination. The presence of ATP in micromolar concentrations increased the time of dark recovery from the inhibition. The inhibition of fluorescence rise was not changed when 70% of the excitation energy available in the antenna was quenched by dinitrobenzene. Quantitative analysis of the observed fluorescence induction indicates that this phenomenon is due to the inhibition of the photochemical reaction itself. Uncouplers such NH4Cl were unable to reverse the inhibition and only a few flashes of saturating intensity (10 or less) were required for the onset of it. This suggests that protons localised in domains rather than a pH gradient between the thylakoid lumen bulk solution and the external one are involved in this regulation of PS 2 efficiency.

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