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, 48 (12), 1325-39

Quadrupole Mass Filter Operation Under the Influence of Magnetic Field


Quadrupole Mass Filter Operation Under the Influence of Magnetic Field

S U A H Syed et al. J Mass Spectrom.


This work demonstrates resolution enhancement of a quadrupole mass filter (QMF) under the influence of a static magnetic field. Generally, QMF resolution can be improved by increasing the number of rf cycles an ion experiences when passing through the mass filter. In order to improve the resolution, the dimensions of the QMF or the operating parameters need to be changed. However, geometric modifications to improve performance increase the manufacturing cost and usually the size of the instrument. By applying a magnetic field, a low-cost, small footprint instrument with reduced power requirements can be realized. Significant improvement in QMF resolution was observed experimentally for certain magnetic field conditions, and these have been explained in terms of our theoretical model developed at the University of Liverpool. This model is capable of accurate simulation of spectra allowing the user to specify different values of mass spectrometer dimensions and applied input signals. The model predicts enhanced instrument resolution R>26,000 for a CO2 and N2 mixture with a 200-mm long mass filter operating in stability zone 3 via application of an axial magnetic field.

Keywords: U/V ratio; ion trajectories; magnetic field; quadrupole mass filter (QMF); resolution.

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