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, 122 Suppl 1, S9-18

The Potential of Biomarkers in Psychiatry: Focus on Proteomics


The Potential of Biomarkers in Psychiatry: Focus on Proteomics

Izabela Sokolowska et al. J Neural Transm (Vienna).


The etiology and pathogenesis of many psychiatric disorders are unclear with many signaling pathways and complex interactions still unknown. Primary information provided from gene expression or brain activity imaging experiments is useful, but can have limitations. There is a current effort focusing on the discovery of diagnostic and prognostic proteomic potential biomarkers for psychiatric disorders. Despite this work, there is still no biological diagnostic test available for any mental disorder. Biomarkers may advance the care of psychiatric illnesses and have great potential to knowledge of psychiatric disorders but several drawbacks must be considered. Here, we describe the potential of proteomic biomarkers for better understanding and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders and current putative biomarkers for schizophrenia, depression, autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

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