Correlative inhibition of lateral bud growth in Phaseolus vulgaris L. timing of bud growth following decapitation

Planta. 1975 Jan;123(2):137-43. doi: 10.1007/BF00383862.


On intact, 3-week-old plants of Phaseolus the larger bud in the axils of the primary leaves shows slow, continuous elongation growth. Release from correlative inhibition can be detected within 30 min following decapitation. When 0.1% indoleacetic acid in lanolin is applied to the decapitated stem stump, the lateral bud shows slow growth during the first 7 h, then stops completely for a further 15 h but after 2 days a further gradual increase in length is observed.The movement of (14)C-labelled assimilates from the subtending primary leaf into the lateral bud increases following removal of the shoot apex. When indole acetic acid is applied to decapitated plants the ability of the buds to import (14)C increases for 5-7 h and then declines to a negligible amount. Little or no radioactivity from tritiated indoleacetic acid is transported into the lateral buds of decapitated plants during the first 48 h following removal of the apex and it appears that rapid metabolism of the compound occurs in the stem tissues.