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, 111 (23), 231801

Possible Resonance Effect of Axionic Dark Matter in Josephson Junctions


Possible Resonance Effect of Axionic Dark Matter in Josephson Junctions

Christian Beck. Phys Rev Lett.


We provide theoretical arguments that dark-matter axions from the galactic halo that pass through Earth may generate a small observable signal in resonant S/N/S Josephson junctions. The corresponding interaction process is based on the uniqueness of the gauge-invariant axion Josephson phase angle modulo 2π and is predicted to produce a small Shapiro steplike feature without externally applied microwave radiation when the Josephson frequency resonates with the axion mass. A resonance signal of so far unknown origin observed by C. Hoffmann et al. [Phys. Rev. B 70, 180503(R) (2004)] is consistent with our theory and can be interpreted in terms of an axion mass m(a)c2=0.11 meV and a local galactic axionic dark-matter density of 0.05 GeV/cm3. We discuss future experimental checks to confirm the dark-matter nature of the observed signal.

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