Genes selection comparative study in microarray data analysis

Bioinformation. 2013 Dec 27;9(20):1019-22. doi: 10.6026/97320630091019. eCollection 2013.


In response to the rapid development of DNA Microarray Technologies, many differentially expressed genes selection algorithms have been developed, and different comparison studies of these algorithms have been done. However, it is not clear how these methods compare with each other, especially when we used different developments tools. Here, we considered three commonly used differentially expressed genes selection approaches, namely: Fold Change, T-test and SAM, using Bioinformatics Matlab Toolbox and R/BioConductor. We used two datasets, issued from the affymetrix technology, to present results of used methods and software's in gene selection process. The results, in terms of sensitivity and specificity, indicate that the behavior of SAM is better compared to Fold Change and T-test using R/BioConductor. While, no practical differences were observed between the three gene selection methods when using Bioinformatics Matlab Toolbox. In face of our result, the ROC curve shows that: on the one hand R/BioConductor using SAM is favored for microarray selection compared to the other methods. And, on the other hand, results of the three studied gene selection methods using Bioinformatics Matlab Toolbox are still comparable for the two datasets used.

Keywords: Bioinformatics Matlab Toolbox; Comparative Study; Gene selection; Microarray data; R/BioConductor.