OmicCircos: A Simple-to-Use R Package for the Circular Visualization of Multidimensional Omics Data

Cancer Inform. 2014 Jan 16:13:13-20. doi: 10.4137/CIN.S13495. eCollection 2014.


Summary: OmicCircos is an R software package used to generate high-quality circular plots for visualizing genomic variations, including mutation patterns, copy number variations (CNVs), expression patterns, and methylation patterns. Such variations can be displayed as scatterplot, line, or text-label figures. Relationships among genomic features in different chromosome positions can be represented in the forms of polygons or curves. Utilizing the statistical and graphic functions in an R/Bioconductor environment, OmicCircos performs statistical analyses and displays results using cluster, boxplot, histogram, and heatmap formats. In addition, OmicCircos offers a number of unique capabilities, including independent track drawing for easy modification and integration, zoom functions, link-polygons, and position-independent heatmaps supporting detailed visualization.

Availability and implementation: OmicCircos is available through Bioconductor at An extensive vignette in the package describes installation, data formatting, and workflow procedures. The software is open source under the Artistic-2.0 license.

Keywords: R package; circular plot; genomic variation.