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, 159 (8), 2161-4

Novel Circular Single-Stranded DNA Virus From Turkey Faeces


Novel Circular Single-Stranded DNA Virus From Turkey Faeces

Gábor Reuter et al. Arch Virol.


Recently, a novel group of unclassified single-stranded (ss) circular small DNA viruses (called stool-associated circular virus; SCV) were identified in fecal samples of three mammalian species, namely, chimpanzee (ChiSCV), pig (PoSCV) and cattle (BoSCV). In this study, a novel genomic relative of stool-associated circular virus (TuSCV, KF880727) was detected in faeces of an avian species, namely, domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo). The complete TuSCV genome is 2479 nt long and has two open reading frames (ORF), which are bidirectionally transcribed and separated by intergenic regions. The ORF1 (replicase) and ORF2 (capsid) proteins have 77 % and 48 % aa sequence identity to different porcine-origin SCVs.

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