Moisturizers and Ceramide-containing Moisturizers May Offer Concomitant Therapy with Benefits

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2014 Mar;7(3):18-26.


Introduction: Ceramide-containing moisturizers may offer benefits as an adjunct to acne treatment.

Methods: An expert panel of 11 Canadian dermatologists, including an international clinical scientist, used the following modified Delphi process: 1) A systematic literature review for acne treatment, dry skin, irritation, depletion of ceramides in acne, and benefits of moisturizers and ceramide-containing moisturizers was conducted; 2) panel members gave their opinion on the resulting statements, taking into account their treatment practices; 3) a panel meeting was held during the 2011 Canadian Dermatology Update to determine final statements; 4) the panel reviewed the final document.

Results: The panel reached the following consensus (11/11): 1) A very important reason for nonadherence to acne treatment is dry skin and irritation; 2) skin barrier dysfunction may contribute to acne; 3) dry skin and irritation commonly results from topical acne treatment; 4) dry skin and irritation commonly results from systemic retinoid therapy; 5) moisturizers can improve dryness and irritation resulting from acne treatment; 6) ceramide-containing moisturizers may enhance adherence and complement existing acne therapies; 7) adjunctive therapy with moisturizers should be considered in acne-treated patients.

Conclusion: The panel proposes that adjunctive therapy with moisturizers, particularly ceramide-containing moisturizers, should be considered in acne-treated patients.