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, 141 (12), 1555-9

[Erectile Dysfunction Among Diabetic Patients]

[Article in Spanish]

[Erectile Dysfunction Among Diabetic Patients]

[Article in Spanish]
Cruz M López M et al. Rev Med Chil.


Background: Diabetic microangiopathy is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction.

Aim: To study the prevalence of erectile dysfunction among diabetic patients.

Material and methods: The "international index of erectile function" survey was applied to 120 diabetic men aged 21 to 50 years. Demographic data, evolution time of diabetes, a glycosilated hemoglobin measured in the last three months, weight, height and treatment received were also recorded.

Results: Fifty five percent of patients had erectile dysfunction. Patients with an inadequate metabolic control had a significantly higher risk of having this condition (odds ratio 5.5; 95% confidence intervals 2.3-81).

Conclusions: Erectile dysfunction is common among diabetic patients and closely associated with an inadequate metabolic control.

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