Genital Reconstruction After Weight Loss in Adipose Male Patients: A Case report

Eplasty. 2014 Apr 2;14:e14. eCollection 2014.


Objective: We introduce our surgical technique in two male genital reconstruction cases out of 15 post-bariatric patients.

Methods: At our Department for Plastic Surgery at the University Hospital Magdeburg, 15 patients, 6 male and 9 female, underwent a surgical abdominoplasty after weight loss in 2009.

Results: The average weight of the 15 patients was preoperatively 197.2 kg and the average hospital stay was of 14 days. In 2 cases, a second procedure for male genital reconstruction was necessary. After primary dietary measures and weight loss, we performed genital reconstruction in a second step with a sleeve-, Z-, VY-plasty and a "bilobed flap" to restore function and appearance of the male genitalia. In these patients, the average weight was 207.5 kg and hospital stay lasted 32 days.

Conclusion: The increase of patients with obesity-related genital deformities will be expected in the future. Therefore, more controlled long-term studies should be published to develop guidelines for genital reconstruction techniques in plastic surgery.

Keywords: abdominoplasty; genital reconstruction; obesity; pendulous abdomen; penis reconstruction.

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