The impact of soluble dietary fibre on gastric emptying, postprandial blood glucose and insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes

Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2014;23(2):210-8. doi: 10.6133/apjcn.2014.23.2.01.


Dietary fibre plays an important role in controlling postprandial glycemic and insulin response in diabetic patients. The intake of dietary fibre has been shown to delay the gastric emptying in healthy subjects. The relationship between gastric emptying and postprandial blood glucose in diabetic patients with fibre-load liquids needs to be investigated. To investigate the impact of soluble dietary fibre (SDF) on gastric emptying, postprandial glycemic and insulin response in patients with type 2 diabetes. 30 patients with type 2 diabetes (DM) and 10 healthy subjects (HS) matched for gender and age were randomized to receive SDF-free liquid (500 mL, 500 Kcal) and isoenergetic SDF liquid (oat β-glucan 7.5 g, 500 mL, 500 Kcal) on two separate days based on a cross-over with 6-day wash-out period. Gastric emptying was monitored by ultrasonography at intervals of 30 min for 2 hours. Fasting and postprandial blood was collected at intervals of 30-60 min for 180 min to determine plasma glucose and insulin. Proximal gastric emptying was delayed by SDF-treatment both in DM (p=0.001) and HS (p=0.037). SDF resulted in less output volume in the distal stomach in DM (p<0.05). SDF decreased postprandial glucose (p=0.001) and insulin (p=0.001) in DM subjects. Postprandial glucose (r=-0.547, p=0.047) and insulin (r=-0.566, p=0.004) were negatively correlated with distal emptying of SDF in DM subjects. Distal gastric emptying was delayed significantly in DM subjects with HbA1c levels ≥6.5% (p=0.021) or with complications (p=0.011) by SDF, respectively. SDF improved postprandial glycaemia which was related to slowing of gastric emptying.

膳食纤维在控制糖尿病患者餐后血糖和胰岛素反应中扮演重要角色。膳食纤维延缓健康者胃排空。糖尿病患者摄入含纤维液体后胃排空与餐后血糖的关系需 要进一步研究。本文旨在研究可溶性膳食纤维(SDF)对2 型糖尿病胃排空、餐 后血糖和胰岛素的影响。30 例2 型糖尿病(DM)及10 例性别和年龄相匹配的健 康者(HS)被随机交叉在两个独立日分别接受无SDF(500 毫升,500 千卡)及等 能量含SDF(燕麦β-葡聚糖7.5 克,500 毫升,500 千卡)液体试餐。两次试餐间 有6 天洗脱期。餐后2 小时用B 超每隔30 分钟测定胃排空,并测定空腹及餐 后180 分钟内每隔30-60 分钟的血糖及胰岛素。SDF 使DM(p=0.001)及 HS(p=0.037)近端胃排空延迟,使DM 远端胃排出量减少(p<0.05)。SDF 显著降 低DM 餐后血糖(p=0.001)及胰岛素(p=0.001)。DM 餐后血糖(r=-0.547, p=0.047) 及胰岛素(r=-0.566, p=0.004)与远端胃排空呈负相关。HbA1c≥6.5%(p=0.021)或 有并发症(p=0.011)的DM 患者,SDF 显著延迟远程胃排空。SDF 改善餐后血 糖与延迟胃排空相关。

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