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, 20 (7), 1231-4

MERS Coronavirus in Dromedary Camel Herd, Saudi Arabia

MERS Coronavirus in Dromedary Camel Herd, Saudi Arabia

Maged G Hemida et al. Emerg Infect Dis.


A prospective study of a dromedary camel herd during the 2013-14 calving season showed Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection of calves and adults. Virus was isolated from the nose and feces but more frequently from the nose. Preexisting neutralizing antibody did not appear to protect against infection.

Keywords: MERS; Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus; Saudi Arabia; genomics; mutation; phylogeny; transmission; viruses; zoonosis.


Phylogenetic tree of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) full genomes (29,901 nt after trimming the ends) or near–full genomes from humans and dromedary camels. The tree was constructed by using neighbor-joining methods with bootstrap resampling of 500 replicates. The most divergent MERS-CoV, Egypt NRCE-HKU205, was used as outgroup. Bold type indicates camel MERS-CoV genomes from this study. GenBank accession numbers of genome sequences included in this study are KJ477102, KF600652, KF600630, KF600651, KF186567, KF600627, KF186564, KF600634, KF600632, KF600644, KF600647, KF600645, KF186565, KF186566, KF745068, KF600620, KF600612, KC667074, KC164505, KF192507, KF600613, KF600628, KF961222, KF961221, KC776174, and JX869059. Scale bar indicates nucleotide substitutions per site.

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