Complete genome sequence of Mesorhizobium australicum type strain (WSM2073(T))

Stand Genomic Sci. 2013 Dec 15;9(2):410-9. doi: 10.4056/sigs.4568282. eCollection 2013 Dec 20.


Mesorhizobium australicum strain WSM2073(T) was isolated from root nodules on the pasture legume Biserrula pelecinus growing in Australia in 2000. This aerobic, motile, gram negative, non-spore-forming rod is poorly effective in N2 fixation on B. pelecinus and has gained the ability to nodulate B. pelecinus following in situ lateral transfer of a symbiosis island from the original inoculant strain for this legume, Mesorhizobium ciceri bv. biserrulae WSM1271. We describe that the genome size of M. australicum strain WSM2073(T) is 6,200,534 bp encoding 6,013 protein-coding genes and 67 RNA-only encoding genes. This genome does not contain any plasmids but has a 455.7 kb genomic island from Mesorhizobium ciceri bv. biserrulae WSM1271 that has been integrated into a phenylalanine-tRNA gene.

Keywords: Alphaproteobacteria; evolution; integrative and conjugative elements; lateral transfer of genes; nitrogen fixation; root-nodule bacteria; symbiosis.