High-throughput ptychography using Eiger: scanning X-ray nano-imaging of extended regions

Opt Express. 2014 Jun 16;22(12):14859-70. doi: 10.1364/OE.22.014859.


The smaller pixel size and high frame rate of next-generation photon counting pixel detectors opens new opportunities for the application of X-ray coherent diffractive imaging (CDI). In this manuscript we demonstrate fast image acquisition for ptychography using an Eiger detector. We achieve above 25,000 resolution elements per second, or an effective dwell time of 40 μs per resolution element, when imaging a 500 μm × 290 μm region of an integrated electronic circuit with 41 nm resolution. We further present the application of a scheme of sharing information between image parts that allows the field of view to exceed the range of the piezoelectric scanning system and requirements on the stability of the illumination to be relaxed.