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, 10 (3), 113-8

Spillage-free Laparoscopic Management of Hepatic Hydatid Disease Using the Hydatid Trocar Canula


Spillage-free Laparoscopic Management of Hepatic Hydatid Disease Using the Hydatid Trocar Canula

Kalpesh Jani. J Minim Access Surg.


Introduction: This study was undertaken to demonstrate the efficacy of the Hydatid Trocar Canula system for safe and effective treatment of hepatic hydatid cysts.

Materials and methods: All cases presenting to our centre for treatment of hydatid cyst of the liver with certain exceptions were considered for laparoscopic management using the specifically designed Hydatid Trocar Canula system. The technique of surgery and the step wise sequence of deployment of the device are described.

Results: Since January 2007, 16 patients compromising six males and 10 females underwent this procedure at our centre. The average age of the patients was 37.6 years and all of them had a single cyst. The average duration of surgery was 86 minutes. None of the cases suffered intraoperative mishap like spillage or anaphylaxis. Till date, follow-up has been maintained in 81.3% of the patients and no recurrence has been detected.

Conclusion: The correct use of the Hydatid Trocar Canula system allows for spillage-free and complete evacuation of hepatic hydatid cysts.

Keywords: Echinococcal cyst; Hydatid Trocar Canula system; hydatid cyst; laparoscopic surgery; laparoscopy.

Conflict of interest statement

Conflict of Interest: None declared.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Hydatid trocar canula
Figure 2
Figure 2
Port positions
Figure 3
Figure 3
Correct use of the hydatid trocar canula
Figure 4
Figure 4
Intracystic view

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