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. 2014 Jul 21;6(7):2718-29.
doi: 10.3390/nu6072718.

Long Term Follow Up of Celiac Disease-Is Atherosclerosis a Problem?

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Long Term Follow Up of Celiac Disease-Is Atherosclerosis a Problem?

Anna Rybak et al. Nutrients. .
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Celiac disease (CD) is a lifelong condition and it often involves impaired nutrition, wide spectrum of symptoms and it requires constant dietetic treatment. The impact of the gluten-free diet on patients' nutritional status and on the other biochemical parameters is being widely investigated. In this article we looked into particular risk factors that might lead to increased prevalence of atherosclerosis in CD patients, including nutritional status, gluten-free diet, lipids profile and concomitant disease-type 1 diabetes mellitus. Here, we present the current data and research on these risk factors of atherosclerosis with respect to celiac disease.

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