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, 218 (3), 481-6

Autoregulation of the Ccd Operon in the F Plasmid


Autoregulation of the Ccd Operon in the F Plasmid

R de Feyter et al. Mol Gen Genet.


Mini-F sequences, including the promoter and portions of the ccd region, were inserted upstream of lacZ in promoterless lacZ vectors, and beta-galactosidase specific activities were measured. The results showed that the H (ccdA), G (ccdB) and D genes, together with a promoter, comprise an operon. Ccd operon expression was shown to be regulated at the level of transcription by the G gene product, probably in concert with the H gene product. Thus expression is autoregulated. Expression of the D gene was largely dependent on the ccd promoter, although low levels of transcription from another promoter within the ccd coding region were detected.

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