The Effect of a PNF Technique Program After Mastectomy on Lymphedema Patients' Depression and Anxiety

J Phys Ther Sci. 2014 Jul;26(7):1065-7. doi: 10.1589/jpts.26.1065. Epub 2014 Jul 30.


[Purpose] This study was conducted to examine the effects of exercises applied with PNF techniques performed for 30 minutes per session, three times per week, after receipt of radiation therapy following mastectomy on depression and anxiety in patients diagnosed with lymphedema and to prepare basic data for creation of self-directed exercise programs for lymphedema patients that will enable them to perform exercises within the range of no pain. [Methods] The subjects of this study were 45 patients selected from among those diagnosed with breast cancer who showed lymphedema after anti-cancer therapy following mastectomy. [Results] The Beck depression score changed significantly during the five assessment periods however, there was no significant difference between the treatment groups. Post hoc analyses revealed that there was significant improvement in the Beck depression score from 4 weeks in all three groups. The interaction between group and time was also statistically significant. [Conclusion] In conclusion, PNF techniques helped to improve the depression and anxiety rates. Four weeks after the start of therapy, PNF techniques Depression and anxiety to create a greater degree of decline was on display.

Keywords: Anxiety; Depression; Lymphedema.