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, 345 (6200), 1004-5

Anthropology. Stories of Arctic Colonization


Anthropology. Stories of Arctic Colonization

Robert W Park. Science.

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  • The Genetic Prehistory of the New World Arctic
    M Raghavan et al. Science 345 (6200), 1255832. PMID 25170159.
    The New World Arctic, the last region of the Americas to be populated by humans, has a relatively well-researched archaeology, but an understanding of its genetic history …

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  • Ancient DNA and Human History
    M Slatkin et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113 (23), 6380-7. PMID 27274045.
    We review studies of genomic data obtained by sequencing hominin fossils with particular emphasis on the unique information that ancient DNA (aDNA) can provide about the …

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