A Revision of the New Zealand Kunzeaericoides (Myrtaceae) Complex

PhytoKeys. 2014 Aug 26;(40):1-185. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.40.7973. eCollection 2014.


A revision of the New Zealand Kunzeaericoides complex is presented. This paper is the final of a series that has explored the systematics of the New Zealand Kunzea complex using cytological and molecular variation, as well as experimental hybridisations between postulated segregates. As a result of those studies ten species, all endemic to New Zealand, are recognised; seven of these are new. One species, Kunzeatriregensis sp. nov., is endemic to the Three Kings Islands and another species Kunzeasinclairii, endemic to Aotea (Great Barrier Island). The North Island of New Zealand has seven species, Kunzeaamathicola sp. nov., Kunzeasalterae sp. nov., Kunzeaserotina sp. nov., Kunzearobusta sp. nov., Kunzeatenuicaulis sp. nov., Kunzeatoelkenii sp. nov., and Kunzealinearis comb. nov. Of these, Kunzealinearis, Kunzeasalterae, Kunzeatenuicaulis and Kunzeatoelkenii are endemic to the North Island, and Kunzeaamathicola, Kunzearobusta and Kunzeaserotina extend to the South Island which also supports one endemic, Kunzeaericoides. Typifications are published for Leptospermumericoides A.Rich., Leptospermumericoidesvar.linearis Kirk, Leptospermumericoidesvar.microflorum G.Simps., Leptospermumericoidesvar.pubescens Kirk, and Leptospermumsinclairii Kirk, names here all referred to Kunzea. The ecology, conservation, extent of natural hybridisation and some aspects of the ethnobotany (vernacular names) of these Kunzea are also discussed.

Keywords: Kunzea; Kunzeaamathicola sp. nov.; Kunzeaericoides; Kunzealinearis comb. nov.; Kunzearobusta sp. nov.; Kunzeasalterae sp. nov.; Kunzeaserotina sp. nov.; Kunzeasinclairii; Kunzeatenuicaulis sp. nov.; Kunzeatoelkenii sp. nov.; Kunzeatriregensis sp. nov.; Leptospermumericoides; Leptospermumericoidesvar.lineare; Leptospermumericoidesvar.microflorum; Leptospermumericoidesvar.pubescens; Leptospermumsinclairii; Myrtaceae; New Zealand Archipelago; conservation; ecology; ethnobotany; new combination; new species; typifications.