Two-dimensional layered transition metal disulphides for effective encapsulation of high-capacity lithium sulphide cathodes

Nat Commun. 2014 Sep 25;5:5017. doi: 10.1038/ncomms6017.


Fully lithiated lithium sulphide (Li2S) is currently being explored as a promising cathode material for emerging energy storage applications. Like their sulphur counterparts, Li2S cathodes require effective encapsulation to reduce the dissolution of intermediate lithium polysulphide (Li2Sn, n=4-8) species into the electrolyte. Here we report, the encapsulation of Li2S cathodes using two-dimensional layered transition metal disulphides that possess a combination of high conductivity and strong binding with Li2S/Li2Sn species. In particular, using titanium disulphide as an encapsulation material, we demonstrate a high specific capacity of 503 mAh g(-1)(Li2S) under high C-rate conditions (4C) as well as high areal capacity of 3.0 mAh cm(-2) under high mass-loading conditions (5.3 mg(Li2S) cm(-2)). This work opens up the new prospect of using transition metal disulphides instead of conventional carbon-based materials for effective encapsulation of high-capacity electrode materials.

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