[Construction of recombinant baculovirus vectors started by EF1alpha]

Wei Sheng Wu Xue Bao. 2014 Jun 4;54(6):688-95.
[Article in Chinese]


Objective: To improve the transduction efficiency of baculovirus and exogenous gene expression level, we chose a mammalian cell-specific promoter-human extension factor 1alpha promoter (EF1-alpha), used virus pseudotyped tools--truncated vessicular stomatitis virus protein G (VSV-GED), added woodchuck hepatitis virus post-transcriptional regulatory element (WPRE) and adenovirus inverted terminal repeats (ITRs).

Method: We constructed two improved recombinant baculoviruses transfer vectors named pWK and pWK-ITR with the pFB-VSV-GED-WPRE. The recombinant transfer vectors pWK-eGFP, pWK-ITR-eGFP and pWK (-)-eGFP were constructed by inserting the Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein (eGFP) reporter gene into the downstream of EF1alpha promoter. Constructed recombinant plasmid transfected Sf9 insect cells, and observed the expression of green fluorescent protein by using the inverted fluorescence microscope.

Results: The fluorescence expression rate of BV-WK-eGFP, BV-WK-ITR-eGFP containing WPRE and ITRs was significantly higher than the negative control, ITRs can effectively extend the expression time of eGFP, the expression time of eGFP in BV-WK-eGFP and BV-WK-ITR-eGFP increased 72 hours compared to the negative control BV-WK (-) -eGFP. The transduction time of VSV-GED pseudotyped baculovirus BV-WK-eGFP, BV-WK-ITR-eGFP was obviously shorten in OL cells, and reduced 24 hours compared to the negative control BV-WK (-) -eGFP, transduction efficiency were higher 25.7% and 36.5% than the negative control BV-WK (-) -eGFP, respectively.

Conclusion: The experiments proved that the VSV-GED could effectively improve the transduction efficiency of baculovirus, WPRE could enhance the expression efficiency of the exogenous gene significantly, and ITRs extend the expression time. The research will lay a foundation to explore improved recombinant baculovirus express exogenous genes in vertebrate cells and research the new recombinant live vector vaccine.

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