Behavioral models of tinnitus and hyperacusis in animals

Front Neurol. 2014 Sep 17;5:179. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2014.00179. eCollection 2014.


The phantom perception of tinnitus and reduced sound-level tolerance associated with hyperacusis have a high comorbidity and can be debilitating conditions for which there are no widely accepted treatments. One factor limiting the development of treatments for tinnitus and hyperacusis is the lack of reliable animal behavioral models of these disorders. Therefore, the purpose of this review is to highlight the current animal models of tinnitus and hyperacusis, and to detail the advantages and disadvantages of each paradigm. To date, this is the first review to include models of both tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Keywords: behavior; hyperacusis; lick suppression; operant conditioning; reaction time; startle reflex; tinnitus.

Publication types

  • Review