Effects of monounsaturated fatty acids v complex carbohydrates on serum lipoproteins and apoproteins in healthy men and women

Metabolism. 1989 Feb;38(2):172-8. doi: 10.1016/0026-0495(89)90258-8.


The effects of a high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet and an olive-oil-rich diet on the distribution of cholesterol over the various lipoproteins, on serum apolipoproteins, and on the composition of HDL2 and HDL3 were studied under strict dietary control. Forty-eight healthy subjects first consumed a high-saturated-fat diet [proportion of energy, en%] (saturated fat 20 en%, total fat 38 en%) for 17 days. For the next 36 days, 24 subjects consumed a diet high in complex carbohydrates (monounsaturated fat 9 en%, total fat 22 en%) and the other 24 consumed a high-fat, olive-oil-rich diet (monounsaturated fat 24 en%, total fat 41 en%). The amounts of protein (12% to 14 en%), polyunsaturated fat (4 to 5 en%), and cholesterol (31 to 35 mg/MJ) were similar in all three diets. Serum cholesterol levels fell by 0.44 mmol/L in subjects consuming the carbohydrate diet and by 0.52 mmol/L for those receiving the olive-oil-rich diet. VLDL-cholesterol levels rose by 0.08 mmol/L in the carbohydrate group and fell by 0.08 mmol/L in the olive oil group (P less than .05 for difference between test diets). HDL2 and LDL cholesterol levels fell to the same extent on both diets. HDL3 cholesterol fell by 0.09 mmol/L on the high-carbohydrate diet and increased by 0.01 mmol/L on the olive oil diet (P less than .05). There was no change in the composition of HDL3, suggesting that the fall was due to a decrease in the total number of circulating particles.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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