Show Me, Don't Tell Me: Behavioral Rehearsal as a Training and Analogue Fidelity Tool

Cogn Behav Pract. 2014 Feb;21(1):1-11. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpra.2013.04.002.


Behavioral rehearsal, when a trainee engages in a simulated interaction with another individual, is an underutilized but potentially cost-effective and feasible solution for two difficult questions in implementation science: how to improve training, a commonly used implementation strategy, and how to feasibly measure fidelity using analogue methods in community settings. This paper provides practical information on how to develop and use behavioral rehearsal for both of these purposes to implementation researchers. Therefore, we focus on development and use of behavioral rehearsal as a training and analogue fidelity tool in the context of three illustrative studies.

Keywords: active learning; behavioral rehearsal; fidelity; role-play; training.