TRAIL activates JNK and NF-κB through RIP1-dependent and -independent pathways

Cell Signal. 2015 Feb;27(2):306-14. doi: 10.1016/j.cellsig.2014.11.014. Epub 2014 Nov 18.


The death receptor (DR) ligand TRAIL is being evaluated in clinical trials as an anti-cancer agent; however, many studies have found that TRAIL also enhances tumor progression by activating the NF-κB pathway in apoptosis-resistant cells. Although RIP1, cFLIP and caspase-8 have been implicated in TRAIL-induced JNK and NF-κB activation, underlying mechanisms are unclear. By examining the kinetics of pathway activation in TRAIL-sensitive lymphoma cells wild-type or deficient for RIP1, TRAF2, cIAP1/2 or HOIP, we report here that TRAIL induces two phases of JNK and NF-κB activation. The early phase is activated by TRAF2- and cIAP1-mediated ubiquitination of RIP1, whereas the delayed phase is induced by caspase-dependent activation of MEKK1 independent of RIP1 and TRAF2 expression. cFLIP overexpression promotes the early phase but completely suppresses the delayed phase of pathway activation in lymphoma cells, whereas Bcl-2 overexpression promotes both the early and delayed phases of the pathways. In addition, stable overexpression of cFLIP in RIP1- or TRAF2-deficient cells confers resistance to apoptosis, but fails to mediate NF-κB activation. HOIP is not essential for, but contributes to, TRAIL-induced NF-κB activation in cFLIP-overexpressing cells. These findings not only elucidate details of the mechanisms underlying TRAIL-induced JNK and NF-κB activation, but also clarify conflicting reports in the field.

Keywords: Apoptosis; Caspase-8; NF-κB; RIP1; TRAIL; cFLIP.

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