Transport characteristics of ceftibuten (7432-S), a new oral cephem, in rat intestinal brush-border membrane vesicles: proton-coupled and stereoselective transport of ceftibuten

Pharm Res. 1989 Apr;6(4):302-7. doi: 10.1023/a:1015994323639.


The transport characteristics of ceftibuten in rat intestinal brush-border membrane vesicles were investigated by a rapid filtration technique. Ceftibuten uptake was markedly stimulated by an inwardly directed H+ gradient (pH 7.5 inside, pH 5.5 outside) in comparison with that in the absence of a H+ gradient. The uptake at 30 sec was four times greater than that observed at equilibrium (overshoot phenomenon), while the H+ gradient-stimulated uptake of ceftibuten was markedly reduced in the presence of FCCP, a protonophore. These results suggested H+-coupled uphill transport of ceftibuten. In contrast, an inwardly directed Na+ gradient had no effect on ceftibuten uptake. The valinomycin-induced K+ diffusion potential (inside positive) significantly stimulated the ceftibuten uptake, suggesting net transfer of the negative charge. In contrast to the cis-isomer ceftibuten, the trans isomer of ceftibuten is not readily absorbed from the intestine, and its uptake was found not to be affected by a H+ gradient. Since the lipophilicity of the trans isomer is similar to that of ceftibuten, the uptake process appears to be stereoselective. The initial uptake of ceftibuten and its analogue cefaclor was concentration dependent under a H+ gradient. The apparent Km value was 0.2 mM for ceftibuten and 3.0 mM for cefaclor.

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