Review of Afrotropical Figitinae (Figitidae, Cynipoidea, Hymenoptera) with the first records of Neralsia and Lonchidia for the region

Zookeys. 2014 Nov 10;(453):37-69. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.453.8511. eCollection 2014.


The cynipoid subfamily Figitinae is poorly represented in the Afrotropical region with two genera (Figites Latreille and Xyalophora Kieffer) and six species currently known. Here we record an additional two genera (Neralsia Cameron and Lonchidia Thomson) for the region and describe three new species: Neralsiahaddocki sp. n.; Xyalophoratedjoansi sp. n.; Xyalophoratintini sp. n. Benoit's species described in 1956 are synonymized under Figitesaciculatus (Benoit, 1956): Figiteseffossus syn. n.; Figitesfavonius syn. n.; Figitesfurvus syn. n.; Figitesfraudator syn. n. Identification keys to the figitine genera and species occurring in the Afrotropical region are provided. Online interactive Lucid Phoenix and Lucid matrix keys are available at:

Keywords: Africa; Afrotropical; Cynipoidea; Figitidae; identification key; species description; taxonomy.