Post-marathon wearing of Masai Barefoot Technology shoes facilitates recovery from race-induced fatigue: an evaluation utilizing a visual analog scale

Open Access J Sports Med. 2014 Dec 8;5:267-71. doi: 10.2147/OAJSM.S72509. eCollection 2014.


Purpose: To investigate the potential benefit of post-race wearing of unstable shoes (Masai Barefoot Technology [MBT]) on recovery from marathon race-induced fatigue.

Patients and methods: Forty-five runners who participated in a full marathon race were divided into three groups: 1) MBT shoes, 2) trail running shoes, and 3) control (CON). Participants ran a full marathon with their own running shoes, and then put on the assigned shoes immediately after the race. They continued to wear the assigned shoes for the ensuing 3 days. The CON group wore their usual shoes. Estimates of post-race fatigue were made by the participants on questionnaires that utilized a visual analog scale. Estimates were made just after the race, as well as for the next 3 days.

Results: The subjective fatigue of the MBT group was lower than that of the CON (P<0.05) or trail running shoe groups (P<0.05) on day 3.

Conclusion: MBT shoe intervention can promote recovery from the fatigue induced by running a full marathon.

Keywords: VAS; footwear; full marathon.