Effect of anuvasana basti with ksheerabala taila in sandhigata vata (osteoarthritis)

Ayu. 2014 Apr;35(2):148-51. doi: 10.4103/0974-8520.146225.


Background: Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disorder. In Ayurveda the disease Sandhigata Vata resembles with OA, which is described under Vatavyadhi. Treatment provides symptomatic relief, but the underlying pathology remains unchecked due to the absence of effective drugs. In the management of Sandhigata Vata, all the Acharyas have described the employment of Bahya Snehan, Swedana, Abhyantara Tikta Snehapana, Basti treatment and Guggulu Prayoga.

Aim: To evaluate the effect of Ksheerbala Taila Anuvasana Basti in Sandhigata Vata.

Materials and methods: In the present study, 30 patients of Sandhigata Vata were given Anuvasana Basti with Ksheerabala Taila. Subjective assessment of pain by visual analog scale and swelling, tenderness, crepitus and walking velocity were graded according to their severity.

Results: Significant results (P < 0.05) were found in all the cardinal symptoms - Pain (Sandhiruja), Swelling (Shotha), tenderness, crepitus and walking velocity. Radiological findings showed no significant changes.

Conclusion: Anuvasana Basti with Ksheerabala Taila was significant in the subjective symptoms of Sandhigata Vata.

Keywords: Anuvasana Basti; Ksheerabala Taila; Sandhivata.