Acute Retinal Necrosis with Multiple Viral Infections: A Case Report

Int J Ophthalmic Pathol. 2014;3(5):1000151. doi: 10.4172/2324-8599.1000151.


A 52-year-old male presented with acute retinal necrosis in his left eye. Slit lamp examination revealed stellate keratic precipitates and cells in the anterior chamber and vitreous. Funduscopy of his left eye revealed multiple yellow deposits. Pathological examination of the vitreous showed both small, reactive lymphocytes and a few macrophages. IL-6 and IFN-γ were elevated in the vitreous. Microdissected macrophages from the vitreous revealed DNAs from multiple viruses. The patient responded to oral valacyclovir. We conclude that multiple viral infections can be involved in the pathogenesis of acute retinal necrosis and that adequate anti-viral therapy has a beneficial effect on disease progression. However, retinal detachment can be a consequence for a poor visual outcome.

Keywords: Acute retinal necrosis; Anti-viral treatment; Viral infection.