Lung transplantation: an overview of candidacy and outcomes

Ochsner J. 2014 Winter;14(4):641-8.


Background: Various factors must be taken into account when considering lung transplantation, including candidacy, contraindications, and outcomes.

Methods: This article presents a review of the data and literature on lung transplantation, tracking the evolution of the treatment as it applies to different conditions, as well as an examination of patient survival rates in relation to pathology and treatment.

Results: Timely referral and careful selection of candidates for lung transplantation maximize the outcomes of the procedure, resulting in a longer lifespan with improved physical health for patients.

Conclusion: Lung transplantation is a therapeutic option for patients with various lung diseases. Adapting treatment options and follow-up treatment to the individual patient's lifestyle and pathology optimizes patient survival rates after transplantation.

Keywords: Heart-lung transplantation; lung transplantation.

Publication types

  • Review