Accidental Implant Screwdriver Ingestion: A Rare Complication during Implant Placement

J Dent (Tehran). 2014 Nov;11(6):711-4. Epub 2014 Nov 30.


One of the complications during a routine dental implant placement is accidental ingestion of the implant instruments, which can happen when proper precautions are not taken. Appropriate radiographs should be taken to locate the correct position of foreign body; usually the foreign body passes asymptomatically from gastrointestinal tract but sometimes it may lead to intestinal obstruction, perforations and impactions. The aim of this article is to report accidental ingestion of 19 mm long screw driver by a senile patient.

Keywords: Foreign body; Hemorrhage; Implants; Ingestion; Perforation; Screw driver.

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  • Case Reports