Regulation of floral stem cell termination in Arabidopsis

Front Plant Sci. 2015 Feb 2;6:17. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00017. eCollection 2015.


In Arabidopsis, floral stem cells are maintained only at the initial stages of flower development, and they are terminated at a specific time to ensure proper development of the reproductive organs. Floral stem cell termination is a dynamic and multi-step process involving many transcription factors, chromatin remodeling factors and signaling pathways. In this review, we discuss the mechanisms involved in floral stem cell maintenance and termination, highlighting the interplay between transcriptional regulation and epigenetic machinery in the control of specific floral developmental genes. In addition, we discuss additional factors involved in floral stem cell regulation, with the goal of untangling the complexity of the floral stem cell regulatory network.

Keywords: Arabidopsis; determinacy; floral meristem; flower development; stem cell.

Publication types

  • Review