Description of six new species of Lycocerus Gorham (Coleoptera, Cantharidae), with taxonomic note and new distribution data of some other species

Zookeys. 2014 Nov 21;(456):85-107. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.456.8465. eCollection 2014.


Six new species of Lycocerus Gorham are described, Lycocerusgracilicornis sp. n. (China: Sichuan), Lycoceruslongihirtus sp. n. (China: Yunnan), Lycocerussichuanus sp. n. (China: Sichuan), Lycocerushubeiensis sp. n. (China: Hubei), Lycocerusnapolovi sp. n. (Vietnam: Sa Pa) and Lycocerus quadrilineatus sp. n. (Vietnam: Sa Pa), and provided with illustrations of habitus, antennae and aedeagi of male or and antennae, abdominal sternites VIII and genitalia of female. Lycocerusrubroniger Švihla, 2011 is synonymized with Lycocerusobscurus Pic, 1916. Lycocerushickeri Pic, 1934 and Lycocerusobscurus are provided with illustrations of abdominal sternites VIII of female. Nine species are recorded from China for the first time, Lycocerusbicoloripennis (Pic, 1924), Lycoceruscaliginostus Gorham, 1889, Lycocerusjendeki Švihla, 2005, Lycocerusmalaisei (Wittmer, 1995), Lycocerusobscurus, Lycocerusolivaceus (Wittmer, 1995), Lycoceruspurpureus Kazantsev, 2007, Lycocerusruficornis (Wittmer, 1995) and Lycocerussemiextensus (Wittmer, 1995), and Lycocerusruficornis is also recorded for Myanmar for the first time.

Keywords: China; Lycocerus; Myanmar; Taxonomy; Vietnam; new records; new species; synonym.