Ayurveda in changing scenario of diabetes management for developing safe and effective treatment choices for the future

J Complement Integr Med. 2015 Jun;12(2):101-10. doi: 10.1515/jcim-2014-0012.


Ayurveda described diabetes mellitus (DM) as Madhumeha. This ancient evidence-based system of medicine enumerated various herbs and formulations for its management, which needs scientific validation. Whereas translational "bedside to bench" approach in biomedical research is an upcoming concept, its application in traditional and complementary medicine can be interesting. The intersecting concepts in the field Ayurveda and translational research needs "omics" approach. The Ayurvedic biology concepts about DM have its close relations with present systems biology approach. Metabolic changes causing tissue damage connected with genetic and immunological irregularities leading to insulin resistance coincide with ancient knowledge. Combinatorial therapy according to Prakriti type as elucidated by Ayurgenomics should be carried on for further research. "Bedside to bench" approaches in research utilizing metabolomics and pharmacogenomics approach can be a major step towards changing the therapeutic strategy towards diabetes. Prameha which is described as the pre-diabetic state is a novel concept in Ayurvedic etiopathogenesis, while metabolomic parameters like lipid level in urine can be a thrust area of research to have a pre-diabetic screening method in high-risk populations. This tradition-guided research paradigm can open up novel opportunities in traditional knowledge-inspired systems biology and drug discovery against diabetes.

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