Revision of the Recent Mediterranean species of Mitromorpha Carpenter, 1865 (Gastropoda, Conoidea, Mitromorphidae) with the description of seven new species

Zootaxa. 2015 Mar 12;3931(2):151-95. doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.3931.2.1.


The Mediterranean species of the genus Mitromorpha Carpenter, 1865 as currently conceived, are herein reviewed. The genus is represented in the Mediterranean Sea by eleven species, of which seven are here described as new, all included conservatively in the subgenus Mitrolumna Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus, 1883: Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) columbellaria (Scacchi, 1836), Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) olivoidea (Cantraine, 1835), Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) karpathoensis (Nordsieck, 1969), Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) wilhelminae (van Aartsen, Menkhorst & Gittenberger, 1984), Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) alyssae n. sp., Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) bogii n. sp., Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) cossyrae n. sp., Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) nofronii n. sp., Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) mariottinii n. sp., Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) mifsudi n. sp., and Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) tricolorata n. sp. Neotypes are designated for: Mitra columbellaria Scacchi, 1836, [currently Mitromorpha columbellaria (Scacchi, 1836) comb. nov.], and Mitrolumna algeriana Pallary, 1900 ex Monterosato ms. [currently Mitromorpha algeriana (Pallary, 1900) comb. nov.] considered as a synonym of Mitromorpha columbellaria (Scacchi, 1836). The latter is the oldest available name for the most common and widespread Mediterranean species of Mitromorpha. A lectotype is selected for Mitra leontocroma Brusina, 1866 [currently Mitromorpha leontocroma (Brusina, 1866) comb. nov.], previously considered as a junior synonym of Mitromorpha olivoidea (Cantraine, 1835) but here considered as a junior synonym of Mitromorpha columbellaria (Scacchi, 1836). Mitromorpha melitensis (Mifsud, 1993) is a synonym of Mitromorpha olivoidea (Cantraine, 1835). Mitromorpha mediterranea Mifsud, 2001 is a synonym of Mitromorpha columbellaria (Scacchi, 1836).

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