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Comparative Study
, 16 (1), 48-53

Students' Self-Assessment: A Learning Tool and Its Comparison With the Faculty Assessments

Comparative Study

Students' Self-Assessment: A Learning Tool and Its Comparison With the Faculty Assessments

Syed Rashid Habib et al. J Contemp Dent Pract.


Objective: This study compared the student's self-grades versus the examiners grades, inter examiner grades and grades of anterior with posterior teeth in a preclinical prosthodontic course.

Methods: 75 students and 2 examiners participated in the study. The students prepared one anterior (upper central incisor) and one posterior (lower first molar) teeth for full veneer crowns in allocated time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. After the preparations, the students self-graded their preparations based on criteria-based evaluation forms. The examiners also completed the grading for the prepared teeth. All the grades were recorded, comparisons were made using SPSS version 21 and results tabulated.

Results: The means of grades (8.32) by the students themselves were found to be higher compared to the examiners grades (7.3) for the anterior as well as posterior teeth. Comparison of the grades for the anterior/posterior teeth and the overall grades showed a statistically significant difference (p=0.000). A moderate correlation (0.399) and a strong correlation (0.601) were found between the grades of the faculty and the students for the anterior and posterior teeth respectively. The overall grading for the anterior and posterior teeth by the two faculty members showed no statistically significant difference (p=0.053) and a very strong correlation (0.784). The results of the test showed a significant difference (p=0.001) between the overall grading for anterior and posterior teeth.

Conclusion: Students tended to grade their teeth preparations higher compared to the examiner grades, inter examiner variation in the grades existed and the grades of the anterior teeth were higher compared to the posterior teeth.

Keywords: Assessments; Dental students; Evaluations; Grading; Preclinical prosthodontics; Students self assessments..

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