Changes in the circumscription of Deprea (Physalideae, Solanaceae): thirty two new combinations

PhytoKeys. 2015 Feb 27:(46):73-87. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.46.9069. eCollection 2015.


According to the latest phylogenetic and cytogenetic results, Larnax and Deprea should be merged in order to form a natural group. Consequently, we propose 32 combinations of Larnax species names under Deprea: Depreaabra-patriciae (S.Leiva & Barboza) S.Leiva & Deanna, comb. nov., Depreaaltomayoensis (S.Leiva & Quip.) Barboza & Deanna, comb. nov., Depreaandersonii (N.W.Sawyer) Deanna & S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreabongaraensis (S.Leiva) Deanna & Barboza, comb. nov., Depreachotanae (S.Leiva, Pereyra & Barboza) S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreadarcyana (N.W.Sawyer) Barboza & S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreadilloniana (S.Leiva, Quip. & N.W.Sawyer) Barboza, comb. nov., Depreagrandiflora (N.W.Sawyer & S.Leiva) Deanna & Barboza, comb. nov., Depreaharlingiana (Hunz. & Barboza) S.Leiva & Deanna, comb nov., Depreahawkesii (Hunz.) Deanna, comb. nov., Depreakann-rasmussenii (S.Leiva & Quip.) S.Leiva & Barboza, comb. nov., Deprealongipedunculata (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) Barboza, comb. nov., Deprealutea (S.Leiva) Deanna, comb. nov., Depreamacasiana (Deanna, S.Leiva & Barboza) Barboza, comb. nov., Depreamaculatifolia (E.Rodr. & S.Leiva) S. Leiva, comb. nov., Depreanieva (S.Leiva & N.W.Sawyer) Barboza & Deanna, comb. nov., Depreaparviflora (N.W.Sawyer & S.Leiva) S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreapedrazae (S.Leiva & Barboza) Deanna & S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreaperuviana (Zahlbr.) S.Leiva & Barboza, comb. nov., Depreapilosa (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) Deanna, comb. nov., Depreapomacochaensis (S.Leiva) Barboza, comb. nov., Depreapsilophyta (N.W.Sawyer) S.Leiva & Deanna, comb. nov., Depreapumila (S.Leiva, Barboza & Deanna) S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreapurpurea (S.Leiva) Barboza & S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreapurpureocarpa (S.Leiva, Deanna & Barboza) Deanna, comb. nov., Depreasachapapa (Hunz.) S.Leiva & Deanna, comb. nov., Depreasagasteguii (S.Leiva, Quip. & N. W.Sawyer) Barboza, comb. nov., Depreasawyeriana (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) S.Leiva, comb. nov., Depreaschjellerupiae (S.Leiva & Quip.) Barboza & Deanna, comb. nov., Depreasteyermarkii (Hunz.) S.Leiva & Barboza, comb. nov., Depreatoledoana (Barboza & S.Leiva) Barboza, comb. nov., and Depreavasquezii (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) Deanna, comb. nov.

Keywords: Deprea; Larnax; Solanaceae; combinations.