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Metabolic and Nutritional Support of Critically Ill Patients: Consensus and Controversies


Metabolic and Nutritional Support of Critically Ill Patients: Consensus and Controversies

Jean-Charles Preiser et al. Crit Care.


The results of recent large-scale clinical trials have led us to review our understanding of the metabolic response to stress and the most appropriate means of managing nutrition in critically ill patients. This review presents an update in this field, identifying and discussing a number of areas for which consensus has been reached and others where controversy remains and presenting areas for future research. We discuss optimal calorie and protein intake, the incidence and management of re-feeding syndrome, the role of gastric residual volume monitoring, the place of supplemental parenteral nutrition when enteral feeding is deemed insufficient, the role of indirect calorimetry, and potential indications for several pharmaconutrients.

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