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Case Reports
. 2015 Apr 22;12(2):e8640.
doi: 10.5812/iranjradiol.8640. eCollection 2015 Apr.

Recurrent Sigmoid Volvulus Associated With Eventration of Diaphragm in a Twenty-Six-Year-Old Man

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Case Reports

Recurrent Sigmoid Volvulus Associated With Eventration of Diaphragm in a Twenty-Six-Year-Old Man

Shailesh Mukund Prabhu et al. Iran J Radiol. .
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Recurrent sigmoid volvulus is a clinical entity characterized by recurrent episodes of partial or complete sigmoid volvulus. Although it is commonly seen in the elderly, it can be occasionally seen in younger patients. Patients with recurrent partial sigmoid volvulus are relatively asymptomatic or present with mild abdominal pain. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to prevent conversion to acute gangrenous volvulus. We present a case of recurrent partial sigmoid volvulus in association with eventration of diaphragm in a 26-year-old man.

Keywords: Colon, Sigmoid; Eventration of Diaphragm; Volvulus; Young Adult.


Figure 1.
Figure 1.. A 26-year-old man with chronic constipation and occasional mild abdominal pain in left lower quadrant. Double-contrast barium enema images. A, Short segment narrowing at rectosigmoid junction (arrow) with twisting of mucosal folds (twisted ribbon sign) and redundant sigmoid colon. B, Gradual unwinding of the loop and opening of narrowed segment seen on air insufflation. C, Eventration of left hemidiaphragm with upward migration of splenic flexure.
Figure 2.
Figure 2.. Multi Detector Computed Tomography (MDCT) of abdomen with positive rectal contrast. A, Axial image shows short segment narrowing of the sigmoid colon (white arrow) at its junction with descending colon. B, Coronal and oblique image reveals twisting of sigmoid colon mesentery with beaking at site of volvulus (white arrow) and crowding of vessels. C, Redundant sigmoid colon (thin white arrow) reaching up to lower border of liver with abrupt narrowing of sigmoid colon at the site of partial volvulus (thick white arrow). D, Eventration of left hemidiaphragm and upwards migration of splenic flexure (thin white arrow) with convergence of vessels (black arrow) and abrupt narrowing (thick white arrow) at the site of twist.

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